Congratulations to everyone at the Village Urban Resort Walsall on your 10th Anniversary

walsall teamWe hope you all enjoyed your 10th Annual Gala Awards party evening. The photo booth was once again very popular throughout the evening and with DJ Dodge  Ferguson on the decks, you certainly knew how to boogy on down!

Don't forget, pictures from the photo booth are on the website and you can purchase the other portrait and awards pictures for download or as 9" x 6" prints from the gallery page.

Village Hotel Walsall Recommends Partypicz

We are pleased to announce that the Village Urban Resort Walsall is recommending Partypicz for photo booth hire to its prospective wedding clients.



Partypicz has been involved with the Village Hotel in Solihull for a number of years where we have provided photo booth hire and photography services to the hotel and its clients, and now the Village Hotel Walsall has now also started recommending us. Speaking about the announcement, Rob Sealey said, "The Village hotels clearly recognise the quality of our photo booths and we are delighted that the Village Walsall has now also chosen to recommend Partypicz to their prospective wedding couples. We exhibit our wedding photo booth at the hotel's Wedding Showcase Sundays".

For more information, take a look at our wedding package.



wedding photo booth imageWhen is Wedding Season?

There used to be a wedding season, largely between May and September, but more recently, people are getting married throughout the whole year we've had customers hire a photo booth from us for weddings in between Christmas and New Year, at Easter and pretty much every other time of year, so once again we will be out and about at the various wedding fayres in the region to tell people all about our wedding photo booth hire packages.

Unlike other companies, we provide free customisation of your wedding photos. Your prints can have a variety of themes and backgrounds along with details of your special day as a reminder for your guests of the fun they had at your reception. 

When we say unlimited, we mean unlimited. It's not unusual for our photo booths to take over 300 pictures during a hire - when your package includes double prints, that's over 600 physical pictures printed out from the photo booth, so don't be fooled by other companies who say unlimited, but then put a limit in the small print.

Upload your pictures to Facebook or email them directly from the booth.

regular fbregular email

All of our photo booths have the ability to allow visitors to upload their pictures directly to Facebook and also to email their pictures from the booth. We can even provide our own Internet connection (coverage permitting) if the venue doesn't have one that we can use.

It's all very well having the picture in your hand, but many guests love the idea of being able to upload their picture to their Facebook page or emailing it to friends and relatives. Our photo booths allow both, but not only that, if you would like, we can arrange it so that the photo booth will automatically upload all the photos to a specific Facebook album for you (this must be arranged in advance).

Our photo booth software provides your guests with a large on-screen keyboard where they can enter the email address to send their picture to, or their facebook details of where to post it. 

When is a photo booth not a photo booth?

When people visit our booths, it still surprises us how many people tell us our booths are so much better than anything else they've seen or been to. We visit wedding fairs and bridal shows, and we've seen it for ourselves, from booths that are quite good, all the way down to booths that aren't really booths at all. We've even seen a camera on a tripod with a lead connected to the camera so that visitors can push the button to take their own picture. There wasn't anywhere for people to enter, just a wall behind where guests stood. There were a couple of props for people to use, and the printer took over a minute to print each picture. Our photo booth frames are custom made out of lightweight but strong aluminium and are professional in every respect. Our pictures take just a few seconds, so by the time you leave the booth, your print(s) are already on the way.