When is a photo booth not a photo booth?

When people visit our booths, it still surprises us how many people tell us our booths are so much better than anything else they've seen or been to. We visit wedding fairs and bridal shows, and we've seen it for ourselves, from booths that are quite good, all the way down to booths that aren't really booths at all. We've even seen a camera on a tripod with a lead connected to the camera so that visitors can push the button to take their own picture. There wasn't anywhere for people to enter, just a wall behind where guests stood. There were a couple of props for people to use, and the printer took over a minute to print each picture. Our photo booth frames are custom made out of lightweight but strong aluminium and are professional in every respect. Our pictures take just a few seconds, so by the time you leave the booth, your print(s) are already on the way.