One of the things that people say to us is, "why are you more expensive than some of the others?". The answer is quite simply, we believe you get what you pay for, and our booths are the best in the business. 

Ask yourself a question; how many photo booth websites actually show you pictures of their photo booths? Quite a lot don't, and the reason for that is that they're not proud enough to show you what you will actually be getting. We've done the research, and we've seen the results - there are lots of people who interpret the words "photo booth" in very different ways. We've seen companies where their photo booth is simply a curtain on a pole and a camera on a tripod, where there are wires everywhere and the printer takes over a minute to produce one small photo. Now we accept that they're not all that bad, in fact many of then companies where you can go to hire a photo booth are ok, and that's the problem - they're "ok". Our photo booths are amongst the biggest in the business - because we designed them ourselves. We recognise that your guests don't want to feel claustrophobic in the booth and that's why our booths are also over 2m tall.

The other thing to think of, is where the booth will go at your event - we will work with you to make sure that your booth is placed where it will get the most use. Again, we've seen companies where they've chosen to put the photo booth in a completely seperate room to the rest of the party - not even in the bar area. This meant that only a small number of guests actually took the time to go and visit the booth. When you hire a photo booth from us, we want to make sure that as many of your guests as possible use the booth during the hire period.